New Owner of Scrap Shack Texas...

My name is Cari Kerstiens, a long time Parrothead. When I decided to purchase this store, I knew exactly what atmosphere I wanted. The Scrap Shack is a little piece of paradise in Friendswood, Texas. Even though we are 30 miles from the beach, you can almost hear the ocean calling! So catch the wave and join us for classes, crops, or shopping. If the cruise to the store is too far, then take advantage of our upcoming online store. Thanks for visiting and happing creating! Aloha.


Not a hobby but a lifestyle...

Who knew 14 years ago when I moved to Pearland that I would find a new addiction. It all started with a single stamp class and before you know it, scrapbooking. I couldn’t get enough of it or the camaraderie I found with other women who enjoyed this art form.

Designer & Staff

The heart of the store....

Karen Debbrecht is our lead designer. I’ve known Karen for years yet she still awes me with her talent.She can do just about anything you throw at her. Joining Karen and I on this new adventure are Sue and Melissa. If it weren’t for them, there would be no store to come to. They make the store feel like a second home.